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About the Beach Route


France's Beach Route

There are so many beautiful beaches in France that it is quite hard to do a route that would incorporate all our favourites. Here are a couple that we recommend.

Vannes / La Rochelle / Bordeaux

The beach route starts in Vannes, which is a small town in Brittany where there is plenty to do besides lie around on the beach sun tanning (although that's what we'd do). There is a gorgeous beach (pictured left) and also many golf courses if you're feeling a little more active.

The next stop is the town of La Rochelle in Pays-de-la-loire. The coast around La Rochelle – especially the islands – is great for young families, with miles of safe sandy beaches and shallow water.

Be aware, however, that in August you will need to book in advance (unless you're camping). This is still a place to go out of season as the quiet misty seascapes and working fishing ports are beautiful any time of year.

The next stop is Bordeaux and the drive down from La Rochelle passes many beautiful beach towns and gorgeous scenery. Once you get into Bordeaux (which is in the Aquitaine region) there are many nearby beach resorts.

One of the most popular is Arcachon which has beautiful beaches and boardwalks. Arcachon is the largest town on the Bay of Arcachon, which empties into the Atlantic. Due to the tidal action, the bay is Europe's oyster capital, and is a fishing center as well.

Beautiful beaches and all kinds of water sports and shopping await you in Arcachon, or you can use it as a base to explore the Bordeaux.

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La Rochelles Beach
La Rochelles Beach
 Arcachon beach
Arcachon Beach
Vannes Beach
Vannes Beach
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