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A Cheese lover's route through France


France's Cheese Route

Paris / Normandie / Loire Valley / Agen-d aveyron

There are so many cheeses in France - one for everyday of the year in fact - that you could spend years driving through France sampling them all. We've chosen our top four cheeses and complied a route around their birthplaces, as this is where you will get the true original flavor.

Paris - Brie

The Route starts in Paris - the birthplace of Brie, which is France's cheese king of kings. The taste is creamy, and as the maturing process progresses you can detect a subtle nutty flavour. Obviously there is more to Paris than cheese, but do you really need anything else? Check out our Isle-de-France page for more.

Normandy - Camembert

Camembert would be France's national cheese, if there was such a thing. It is simply made of cow's milk, and tastes far better when creamy, so leave it outside of the fridge for a few hours. It originates from Normandy where there are many places to taste this delectable cheese in its simple and original form. Click here for more information on the region of Normandy.

Loire Valley - Sainte-Maure Ash

This log-shaped goat's cheese is from the Loire Valley and straw is used to reinforce the crumbly texture. It's made from goats milk (45% fat.. YUM) and is soft with a natural rind. Sometimes Sainte-Maure is coated with a wood ash which makes it taste smooth and rich. The Loire Valley has many charms besides its cheese.

Agen-d aveyron - Roquefort

Probably the world’s greatest blue cheese. It is produced entirely from the milk of the ewes that feed on the vast plateaux (Causses - a limestone plateau ringed with cliffs) found in the Aveyron. The ripening of the cheeses is in the natural damp aired caves found under the village of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon. Agen-d aveyron is in the Midi Pyrenees region.

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Cheese Platter
Cheese Platter
Roquefort Cheese
Roquefort Cheese
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