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A Cheese lover's route through France


France's Cheese Route - Your itinerary

Paris to Normandy

Exit from Paris
Take the Quai de la Rapée [600m]
2 Km Carry on the Quai de Bercy [1.5km]
4 Km 0H05 Exit and take the Quai de Bercy [240m] and take the Boulevard Périphérique [2.1km]
Carry on the A6b/E05/E15/E50 [5.6km] in the direction of A6b
Follow the sign A6a and rejoin the A6a/E05/E15/E50 [2.7km]
Follow the sign A10b and rejoin the A10 [395.6km] passing near to Orleans, passing near to Blois
You'll then come to a Toll (19.10 EUR)passing near to Tours
Exit and take the E601 [73m]
Carry on the N248 [7.8km]
Carry on the N11 [23.1km] via La Laigne
Carry on the D116e1 [2.4km]
Turn left on the D206 [1.7km]
Enter into Normandy and turn left on [270m]

Normandy to Loire

Normandie (Saint-Jean-de-Liversay, 17, France)
Exit from Saint-Jean-de-Liversay and turn left on [290m]
Carry on the D262 [1.1km]
Carry on the D262e2 [2.5km] via Ferrières
Carry on the N11 [9.1km]
Turn right on the D112 [500m]
Enter into Loiré [540m]

Loire to Agen-d'Aveyron

Exit from Vérines and turn left on [540m]
Carry on the D112 [720m]
Turn right on the N11 [11.2km]
Follow the sign N237 and take the N237 [240m]
Carry on the N137/E602 [27.1km] passing near to La Rochelle
Carry on the A837/E602 [34.7km] in the direction of A837 passing near to Rochefort
You'll then need to go through a toll booth
Rejoin the A10/E05 [107.3km] in the direction of A10
You are now in Bordeaux passing near to Saintes Pont de Guyenne passing near to Ambarès-et-Lagrave near to Lormont
Exit at the junction no 1 and rejoin the E05/E70
Pont d'Arcins passing near to Bordeaux
Carry on the A630/E05/E70 [330m]
Follow the sign A62 and rejoin the A62 passing near to Chambéry
Then there is another toll booth
Rejoin the A20 [7.7km] Pont de la Molle Carry on the N20/E09 [7.4km] passing near to Montauban
Carry on the A20 [16.6km] in the direction of A20
Then there is another toll booth
Exit at the junction no D117
In Caussade Go through and turn right on the D926
carry on the D1 [27.8km] via Lanuéjouls
Carry on the D994 [25.9km]
via Rignac via Les Farguettes
Go through the Giratoire de Calcomier and carry on the N140 via St-Félix passing near to Rodez [1.4km]
Go through the Giratoire de Saint-Félix and turn left on the N88 [6.0km]
Turn right on the D29 [3.9km] Enter into Agen-d'Aveyron [1.2km]
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